What is Charlie?

Charlie is a tool that compiles one-pagers on the people you’re about to meet with, before you see them. Minutes before every meeting in your calendar, Charlie makes sure you walk in with the intel you need to make a killer impression: breaking news on their company, the passions and hobbies you both had no clue you shared, their professional history, and much more.

The world’s most successful people all have assistants who do their prep work for them, so why shouldn’t we? Charlie mimics those assistants by emailing you critical intel before you walk into any meeting, helping you crush your meetings while saving you hours each week.

Where does Charlie find its information?

Charlie finds information from 100,000’s of sources. The technology sifts through social data from networks like Twitter and Facebook to find out what a person really like to talk about, and what’s truly important to them that you need to know. Charlie combs through hundreds of thousands of news sites and blogs to find you breaking news on their company and any articles they’ve been featured in or written. It’s algorithms also finds out what you need to know about their company by sifting through company databases, social bios, and the company’s website.

How secure is Charlie?

We’ve built Charlie using the best development practices and have implemented multiple levels of industry standard security to keep your data safe. Let’s just say, we don’t take this lightly.

As for the information we find about other people: everything that Charlie finds is freely available on the web. Charlie simply performs the research on your behalf and automates the research anyone could perform with Google today (albeit, it might take a few hours to replicate what Charlie does).

Company Background

Technology makes us capable of things that we never thought possible. Fortunately for us, technology from cars to airplanes, to skype, phones, and email, has made meeting people much easier. Unfortunately we now meet with so many people that its gotten so much harder to cut through the clutter and make real relationships with all of these people. Charlie creates technology that helps us meet other amazing people by utilizing data to help us find out what really makes us connect so we aren’t all just “networking.”

Charlie was founded by Aaron Frazin and Rob Volk and is based in Chicago. They have raised 1.75m in seed funding led by Lightbank with participation from Hyde Park Venture Partners, Confluence Capital Partners, Patrick Spain (the founder and CEO of Hoovers), Lon Chow and Armando Pauker of Apex Venture Partners. Charlie graduated from the Dreamit Ventures accelerator in Philadelphia and 1871 in Chicago.


Bio pic aaron

Aaron Frazin (Cofounder and CEO) has always been an entrepreneur and built his first company as a teenager: a small web design and animation shop. He’s since worked at Prezi on their global strategy and was one of the 20 entrepreneurs from around the world selected for the Kauffman Foundation’s entrepreneurial fellowship which grooms the “top young entrepreneurs from around the world.”

Bio pic rob

Rob Volk (Cofounder and CTO) is a technologist and entrepreneur who loves building software that connects people. Rob was previously the CTO of Beyond Diet, a diet and nutrition company that helped over 350k people lose weight. He’s also built many large-scale custom enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies.

Mobile Screenshots

App Overview (1)

Charlie briefs you on the people you’re about to meet minutes before you meet with them so you make a killer impression

App Overview (2)

Charlie curates information from thousands of sources to give you the most meaningful intel

Person Intel (1)

Learn their professional background and what you share in common

Person Intel (2)

Know when they are in the news, and what their passions are

Company Intel

Know every company milestone and the competitive landscape to better shape your conversation

Pre-Meeting Notification

Charlie notifies you minutes before each meeting with intel so you never walk in unprepared

Web Screenshots

Charlie Dashboard

View upcoming meetings, request new insights, or find past briefings

Person Briefing (1)

View a person’s biography and social profiles

Person Briefing (2)

Dive into their company role and relevant news articles

Person Briefing (3)

Discover interests, commonalities, and recent social update

Person Briefing (all sections)

Complete person briefing

Full-Page Charlie Briefing

Full-page briefing including person & company section

Company Briefing (1)

Review company summary, key points, and headlines

Company Briefing (2)

Read up on the competition and recent news

Company Briefing (all sections)

Complete company briefing

Daily Agenda Email

Receive an email every morning with today’s meeting briefings

Example briefings

Press Contact


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Charlie Team

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