Make a killer impression on
whoever you're meeting

Charlie combs through 100s of sources and automatically sends you a one‐pager on everyone you’re going to meet with, before you see them

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“Charlie aided me in closing my biggest ever, multi-million dollar deal. With over 30 stakeholders, this tool was instrumental in keeping abreast of all the movers and shakers to get us to close.”
Beth England, Sales Director @ Hootsuite
“I feel naked going into a meeting without Charlie”
Tibor Shanto, Award winning author and sales expert
“Wouldn’t have closed the deal without Charlie. The insights that Charlie App provided gave me the added knowledge to find the right point of contact at one of our most valued new partners.”
Timothy De La Motte, Account Executive @ Groupon
“Charlie has given me the specific informational ammo to turn professional relationships a lot more personal and powerful.”
Alex Solomon, Strategic Planner @ Ogilvy
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Stand out in every conversation

Be the one they remember by talking about things that truly matter to them. You’ll know what makes them tick, what you have in common, and the critical insights on their company that your competitors won’t. Goodbye competition, hello Charlie.

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Save 30+ minutes each day

If you Google someone again, you are wasting your time. Charlie’s research saves an average of 57 Google searches before each meeting. Oh, you weren’t doing that many before? Now you are. You’re welcome.

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Relax: Charlie has your back

2 minutes before your meeting? Haven’t done any prep work? Don’t freak out, Charlie automatically sends you research before you walk in and emails you so you have no way of forgetting.

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